Where we are:

Кнопки выше, выход на каждую из страниц стран представительст, отдельно.

The buttons above, is sub-branch info to any of our Company BRANCHES WORLDWIDE


Asia, Hong Kong SAR !

Zanzibar, Tanzania, South-East Africa !

Crimea, Russian Federation !


Headquarters of our company ''Crim Wind'' is located in Kowloon City, Hong Kong.

We also work in South-East Africa since 2012. We get the project in Zanzibar, Tanzania named Wind of Freedom.

Crimean Center of Human Developing, (C.R.C.D.H.) located in Russian Federation, Crimea-SIP & is our main medical branch since 2000. 

We also have representetives in Poland, Germany, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Brazil and Japan